The Party Girl Diet – Sadly, it works. (for guys too)

party girl
Keeping the focus on detoxification and weight loss, I would love to pay my respects to perhaps my favorite fad diet of all time: The Drinking Man’s Diet. This is certainly weight loss, and anything but detox. Think Atkin’s Diet, except nine years earlier and way more drunk. The principles are simple. Eliminate the carbs, have a few tablespoons of safflower oil every day, and eat all of the steak, lobster, and pork chops you heart desires. You heart does not actually desire these things in any large quantities considering the artery clogging that could easily result from this less than well thought out approach. But that didn’t stop Robert Cameron from selling 2.4 million copies of this little slice of dieting heaven in 1964. That is until a fellow at Harvard University called it “Mass Murder” in 1966. But by then it didn’t matter too much, as Cameron had already pocketed what amounts to at least 17 million dollars by 2012 standards.
The current generation of this diet appears to be the go to of one particularly successful young executive that I know. It is what I have dubbed The Party Girl Diet. Ingredients: protein powder and vodka. Does it work, you ask on the edge of your seat? I can categorically say yes. In fact after having jokingly relayed the story to a few of my high powered urbanite friends, I feel that I have almost accidentally, and sadly, started a trend. This approach falls somewhere in the nutritional vicinity of having a sore wrist and amputating at the elbow. Sure, the wrist problem has been handled, but….

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