Gazpacho you jerky


On jerky.  When you tell nine out of ten people to stock up on jerky you are likely to see a tear come to their eye.  For years the backpacking staple has been off limits in the healthy eating community.  The reasons are the same ones that kept everyone eating Snackwells by the fistful.  “Down with the fat.  Long live the sugar.”

As a result of the changing trend back towards the acceptance of meat there has been a boom in the jerky universe.  A fine snack in its many forms, but not of universal quality.  A close friend and colleague, who shall remain nameless, once managed to put his wallet blinders on and convinced himself that jerky is jerky is jerky and just made a decision based on price.  It makes a difference.  Don’t be a jerky.

This really isn’t an in depth view of jerky, just a brief homage.  In all of its forms (except fish. Fish jerky is kind of horrible.  If you have found good fish jerky, we are all ears… and taste buds.  Let us know), whether turkey, or bison, or even chicken and apple, oh yes, it exists, jerky, I praise ye.

And now onto a soup.  Two soups.  Green light- go.  Red light- stop.  Green or Red Gazpacho- eat! The moral of this story is that almost everyone struggles with vegetables.  And this is so easy it’s borderline criminal.  Enjoy.

Green Gazpacho


PREP TIME:  3 Minutes.

What did you say?!

That’s right mutha sucka.

You should end up with a blender full, about 5 cups.  About 225 Cal.

2 hand fulls of spinach

2 hand fulls of frozen broccoli

either 2 tomatoes from canned tomatoes or their equivalent if you have diced tomatoes in a can (i.e. 1 big handful)

1 garlic clove


A lil cayenne

A squeeze of lemon

A dash of Italian spices

A splash of balsamic vinegar

Big teaspoon of Miso


(If you want it hot, put all the veggies in the microwave for about a minute and a half.)

If you want it just above room temp, which is my preference, like actual Gazpacho, just defrost the Broccoli, while you put everything else in the blender with JUST enough water, like a big splash, just to get the blender blending, you can push the stuff down from above to help.

Blend it all up.  You can go a bit chunkier, like my thighs, or go nice and smooooove like my radio voice.


FYI RED GAZPACHO, aka the traditional gazpacho is the same deal, but it’s

2 parts Tomato,

1 part Cucumber,

1 part Red Bell Pepper.

Mmmmmm.  Just remember to scoop out the cucumber seeds (you can eat them anyhow if you like, they are crunchy and fun, but don’t do the gazpacho any favors).

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