Eat at Home!

eating out

If you needed more motivation to head straight home after work instead of grabbing food out- here you go.

When you choose to eat at home you create a healthier family dynamic. Kids that eat at home are 42% less likely to drink alcohol and 50% less likely to smoke. But wait, there’s more. Eating with your kids decreases the likelihood that they will be obese and develop diabetes, and decreases the likelihood of developing an eating disorder. Remember that eating out with the frequency that we do is a new occurrence. Now we eat out for half of our meals, but

The Keystone Center, founded in 1975, is an independent nonprofit organization, which released its report in May 2006, also made these observations:

· Women who eat foods prepared outside the home more than five times per week consume about 290 more calories on average each day than women who eat these foods less often.

· Eating more fast-food meals is linked to eating more calories, more saturated fat, fewer fruits and vegetables, and less milk.

290 calories a day that otherwise would not have entered the belly amounts to a weight gain of approximately two pounds a month. If this is the case it is not hard to see how we end up with people that are two hundred pounds overweight.

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