Cat Massage – Oh it’s real and you need it.

Stray cats are no laughing matter for any number of reasons, and the image above is the likely intersection of vacationing tourists in Thailand with too much love (drugs?) in their systems and the preponderance of homeless kitties roaming the ersatz Kingdom of Siam (aka Thailand).

Animals are good for your health.  Cats in particular in this case. Although not always, we’re talking to you pregnant ladies.  Watch out for parasites.

But there’s more… Sure you may be one of the last people to have seen this, but in terms of cat insanity, it ranks right up there and is worth wasting the maddening minutes it takes to watch this woman expound ad nauseum about giving her feline friend (and yours) the spa treatment that it deserves.

If you really have that much time on your hands, the original video of a cat getting a rub down in Thailand is here. After all of the massages given to intoxicated foreigners on the beaches of Thailand, it’s nice to know that the debt is being repaid.  Slowly. One cat at a time.

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