This Girl is Crushing Her Practice

UPDATE: One of our contributing docs just launched an incredible documentary.

You can watch it for free or the next 5 days.

Check out the trailer, we know you’ve going to love it. Over 100,000 people did in just 2 DAYS…. 

It’s hypnotic watching someone in peak condition move through their yoga practice, this is mesmerizing. Her movements are so fluid it seems like she’s in an aquarium.

And she does it without having to hit the gym, without any equipment (I guess the yoga mat is equipment, but you know), and spends no time stuck in traffic.

The point is the number of times our doctors and trainers hear about not having enough time is enough to drive a sane person nuts. Allow this video to be an inspiration for doing a lot with little need for extra time or gear. This should also dispel the myth that yoga doesn’t build lean muscle.

Yoga in particular is an excellent choice as it blends strength and cardio (it’s true) with flexibility. And it’s flexibility that is the last of the three elements of fitness that we pay attention to.

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