Lean and green: raw sushi


Offended by sushi with no fish? Let’s talk about it.

In a world where you can say tomato any number of ways, why limit your intake of life affirming veggies and seaweed by saying ‘no’ to to raw vegan sushi?

Still offended, put fish on it. See if I care…

Look here for a list of the fish least likely to be contaminated.

raw sushi with bean sprouts & tahini miso ginger sauce: makes 2 rolls or more

Sushi rolls:
1/2 avocado 
1/3 cucumber
1/3 bell pepper
2 cups mung bean sprouts (or other fresh sprouts)
Seaweed sheets, like nori

Tahini sauce:
2 tablespoons tahini
1 tablespoon miso
2 tablespoons peeled ginger root
1 tablespoon tamari
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1/8 cup water (more or less)

To make the sauce: blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy, adding liquid as needed.

To make the sushi: slice the cucumber, avocado and bell pepper very thin, and add anything else you want to. Now spread some sprouts evenly over a sheet of seaweed, but leave a bit of space at one end and drip a tiny bit of sauce all over the sheet. Place in your veggies and roll up like a pro! Keep doing this until you use all your stuff. Then with a sharp knife, slice carefully present your beautiful sushi to the lucky folks you’re sharing this with. If that’s just you – pretend to surprise yourself and get really excited.

Vegan sushi just magically appeared from nowhere.

Recipe and photography via This Rawsome Vegan Life

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