The power of the booty

So this video is making the rounds. And sure it’s a fine example of why certain people should keep practicing their dance moves in the privacy of their own homes, as well as how the definition of good parenting has changed.

It is also a fine example of the power of the booty. Now we frequently write about how important it is to keep your backside strong for a million reasons. You keep hearing about “the core” this and “the core” that, but the conversation should really be so much more about the butt and how it is so so much more important to focus on.

Here’s a great article talking about the importance of the booty and how to know if yours is working with just a few simple tests. Now be warned- it’s pretty science nerdy.

If you want the summary: if your butt isn’t working right and you’re not training your glutes, then you’re missing an important opportunity to stay healthy long term and to look your best.

By the way, this isn’t the first example of dancing-gone-wild.┬áThe trend of toddlers getting the raw end of the deal when face to face (or face to foot or butt) is nothing new.

And this of course is the classic that started it all:

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