Struck by Lightening- even with cardio.

You’re odds of getting struck by lightening are 1 in 700,000. So basically it isn’t going to happen.

(Unless of course you’re one of six really unlucky people that were hanging out on Venice beach a couple of weekends ago.)

What also is about equally likely is getting a body into the shape everyone seems to want by doing lots of cardio. Beginners in the workout world, and folks that are getting back into it after years of couch life tend to overestimate the value of cardio. Sure it’s good for heart health and stamina, but I dare you to strap on a heart monitor and hit the weights. Turns out you get the heart benefits as well as the strengthening and shape shifting perks as well.

So next time you think you’re going to lose your lovely ladiness by sculpting a lean body with weights and decide to jump on the elliptical, think again, and just like the girl in the video- you dodged a bullet. Lightening Cardio


Remember the motto: abs are made in the kitchen, and glutes are made in the gym. It’s exciting to see us slowly as a society getting away from the aerobics craziness of 1990’s and back to realizing that sitting on an exercise bike for hours at a time probably won’t get you where you want to go.

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