QUIZ: Are you dating an egomaniac narcissist? 1 question is all it takes.

Eminem wasn’t the first to say it, but it feels so empty without me. That is when me is a narcissist. It’s his world and you’re just in it.

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We’ve all been there- he’s smart, handsome, has his stuff together- the whole package.

And yet there’s something wrong. It’s always about him. Or her. Turns out that narcissists are ladies too. He’s an egomaniac, and trust me when I tell you, it isn’t going to work out- unless of course you like that sort of thing you little martyr you. Narcissists, the hard core ones, don’t care about you, aren’t going to be your friend, and don’t even really like you- they don’t know how. Sounds crazy right? It is.

Want to find out? All you have to do is ask. A narcissist is happy to tell you.

But remember this little additional piece of info: some narcissists know they’re the bomb and will shout it to the world. These are the grandiose narcissists. The other kind are the vulnerable narcissists- the ones that are actually insecure at the core, the ones that are frontin’. (Good news is, this simple quiz will pick up both kinds).

Remember it’s just one question. If you want to participate in the research and see where you fit into the scale of self obsessed narcissist compared to the thousands of others… Here’s the quiz in action:  https://jfe.qualtrics.com/form/SV_8ufhcONa8r4VlUV

Here’s the link to the LA Times article, and here’s the link to the research itself.

And while you’re figuring out how and why you ended up with such a self-obsessed boy friend or girl friend, enjoy this classic from the ultimate narcissist of hip-hop singing about whom? Himself of course.



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