Taylor shakes off Trauma

Shake It Off


Not only has she got the number one hit in the nation, Taylor Swift is also the main proponent of a new exercise therapy designed to shake of trauma and tension. … She just doesn’t know it.

Taylor has probably never heard of something called TRE, or Tension Releasing Exercises. But she could definitely shake it off.

And shaking it off is what needs to happen after we’ve been under a lot of stress.

Sometimes both people and animals are so pumped up with adrenaline that they need a way to shake it off. Literally. The TRE exercises were developed by David Berceli, PhD, after he saw how the body reacted to the traumas of life in war zones.  This also happens to animals in the wild.  You can see it when an antelope escapes a hungry lion.  It’s pretty scary stuff and you can imagine how the antelope feels about almost being dinner- really freaked out. So what’s it natural response once it’s out of danger? Our little antelope shakes it off.

Berceli came up with an exercise sequence to “turn on the therapeutic tremor”. There are a series of seven exercises, they aren’t too tough as far as workouts go, but the point is to get the body to experience tremors that discharge tension. People start to feel the shakes at different points during the class when they get down on their exercise mats and start getting their shake on. Apparently you can release old deep seeded tension and trauma too says the good doctor.

It’s pretty interesting stuff.

You can check it out further at www.traumaprevention.com.

Or if you want to do a modified version, crank on Taylor’s video below, and get to your own personal brand of shaking. Go for it. You know you want to.


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