Nonresponders – When exercise doesn’t work

Because it doesn’t work for everybody…

Ever feel like a cat chasing its tail in the pursuit of exercise and nutrition?

Just running around in circles, it feels like you’re doing something, and maybe even exactly what “they” told you to do, and yet not much is happening? Maybe nothing at all?

Well, don’t feel bad. There’s a high likelihood you’re a “Nonresponder”. It’s a sciencey word for people who do just that: Not Respond.

We are not all cut from the same cloth.  There is a wide range of response to exercise and knowing this in advance can help keep us on track.  Whether we are talking about lifting heavy things to make our muscles grow, or running like a lion is chasing us, to train our hearts into shape, some of us are just better programmed to make progress.

The response that we mount in the face of training can range from superstar, to “non-responders.” In fact there are now genetic tests that are emerging that will give you a better picture of where you are on that continuum.  You can even buy them now without the prescription of a doctor.

Cat with Laser Pointer

Here’s probably one of the best tests if you’re in the market. For about 400$ you can find out if you have the nonresponder gene and get a snazzy report with some recommendations.

Meanwhile, take a look at what as much as 20% of the population feel like after years of getting nowhere at the gym… just wasting time chasing their tales.

Below is a nice little nerdy science clip talking about nonresponders to altitude training when it comes to distance running. Even if you’re a lifter, or a yoga-er, it still applies, because the concept of nonresponder crosses all categories.

The big take away of course, is even if you’re not a genetic miracle who walks by a stack of weights and is suddenly jacked, you still have to get in there and get to work. There are many wonderful AND LIFESAVING benefits that come from exercise apart from looking like a beach body model.

Take a peek at this NYT article for more on the topic.

Nonresponder video


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