Getting Hit with Fruit and Improving Memory

Wait, what? How can getting hit in the head with fruit help your memory?!

Come on! That’s crazy right?! Makes you pretty curious to find out if hitting yourself in the head with a watermelon like the guy in the video below will help you study for biology class, or finally remember that guys name at work that you see almost every day.

Well get ready to remember something: Turns out that we learn better when we’re curious. 

Now this seems pretty obvious, but have you ever thought about why? Well some scientists up in Davis, California did and they found something else that’s pretty cool. Here’s how:

The brand new study took pictures of the brain (fMRIs to be exact- super fancy MRIs that can look at the inside of your body in real time, like Superman and his x-ray vision) and here are the 2 bid take aways:

•People are better at learning information that they are curious about
•Memory for incidental material presented during curious states was also enhanced

“Our findings potentially have far-reaching implications for the public because they reveal insights into how a form of intrinsic motivation — curiosity — affects memory. These findings suggest ways to enhance learning in the classroom and other settings,” says lead author Dr. Matthias Gruber, of University of California at Davis.

Enough of the nerdiness! What does this mean? When you are trying to remember something it helps to get pumped up about that thing.

Have to study starfish for bio class? Start singing Under The Sea and remember that this is amazing material that you’re learning- you could be starving in the streets instead you little ingrate.

And what I think is the greatest take away: Why hasn’t somebody put every single piece of schooling inside of Spiderman movie?!?! YOU REMEMBER STUFF THAT’S UNRELATED TO WHAT YOU’RE WATCHING! Spiderman shoots a web, makes out with Jane, and recites the preamble to The Constitution. And now it’s in your brain forever.

If they just made 26 more season’s of ER, all of our doctors would be twice as smart. Seriously. This one study totally proves that.


Matthias J. Gruber, Bernard D. Gelman, Charan Ranganath. States of Curiosity Modulate Hippocampus-Dependent Learning via the Dopaminergic Circuit. Neuron, 2014 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2014.08.060


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