This BABY has a better game face than I do

This baby is hitting the weights early! If you’re a regular at the gym, have friends who work out at the gym, or read anything about working out, you’ve probably heard the following advice:

“If you want your workout to be effective, you have to do weights before cardio!”

“Always do cardio before weights! Always!!”

“You must never, ever do cardio and weights on the same day!!

What’s going on? Why is everyone giving such different advice? Who do I even listen to?!

Many people believe that these two types of exercises are too different for the muscles too handle. Since cardio is mainly aerobic and weight training is based on resistance, it is thought that doing both on one day will cancel each other out and lead to decreased effectiveness. After all, isn’t it better to just focus on cardio for a day? It’s kind of like how people separate their weight training into “chest day” or “leg day,” right?

So what’s the right thing to do?

I’m here to set the record straight… with scientific studies as my proof. It turns out that it really doesn’t matter what order you do these exercises in!

One 2014 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology had participants biking with only one leg and doing weights with both legs. Thus one leg had done both exercises and the other leg had only done weights. The end result? Both legs showed the same amount of development and muscle growth!

Another study showed that people seemed to develop different types of molecular responses after either cardio or weight training. However, when people did both kinds of exercises, the body responded by producing both types of molecules.

The verdict? Go ahead and structure your workout as you please! You’ll get the same results either way. The most important part is that you’re staying active!

To read more, check out this article.

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