Your best workout is just 1 download away


You know what’s great? That proud feeling you get after completing a particularly tough workout. You know what’s even better? Tracking your workout to see your progress. You know what’s even better than that? An app on your phone that’s super convenient and super FREE! (Well, most of them.)

These days, having a smartphone is becoming the norm. They can do pretty much everything: tell you the weather, let you browse the Internet, keep you updated with your friends, and store 900+ songs and photos (or maybe that’s just me….) So why not leverage your smartphone to make your workout the best it’s ever been?

You never know… downloading a simple workout-related application might help you improve your form and avoid exercising like this:


We’ve compiled some applications from this article as well as personal experience to bring you some quick ways to enhance and track your workout:

  1. Charity Miles (free): Running and biking while helping the world literally one step at a time? Count me in!
  2. Moves (free): Remember that one post we had about walking 12,000 steps a day to burn off a soda? Now you can track your steps with this nifty app!
  3. RunKeeper (free): This handy app tells you your current mile pace, your total distance, and the elevation changes you experienced! You can even set goals and write little notes for each run.
  4. Strava Running and Cycling (free): Track your run or bicycling route, find new routes, and compare workouts with friends! Compete with your friends to see who can set the best personal record.
  5. Zombies, Run! ($3.99): This app is pricey but it’s an experience like no other. Put on your headphones and be prepared to run for your life! The sounds of zombies are mixed in with your personal music to create an experience that makes you run fast… or else the zombies will get ya.

Go ahead and download some to see what you like! Personally I’ve downloaded RunKeeper myself and now you’ll never see me running outside without it.

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