Your furry pet could have a very human problem!


PSA: Dogs can have anxiety issues, just like us. And you never even noticed!

Have you seen your dog sitting sadly by the door as you leave the house, and wagging his tail excitedly when you come back? Or in my own dog’s case… whining and sitting sadly when I leave the room?

I mean, not all pets can be like this happy pair:

Pet anxiety is a serious problem. And now there’s an iPod to fix that.

Okay, okay, it’s not an Apple-created product. But it’s called the iCalmDog and it’s basically just an mp3 player for your pet.

The premise is simple: classical music will soothe your pet. Heavy metal will not. Yes, they actually tested this out. (Can you imagine playing heavy metal music to your cat?)

The music is specially adapted for animals, which makes it pretty neat. More specifically, the tone, tempo, and pattern of the music needs to be adjusted to make it sound pleasing for the animals, rather than us.

So if your pet has anxiety issues and it’s a struggle to leave them alone, maybe try this out! And if you’re having trouble with anxiety or falling asleep, try these songs made for humans.


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