Feeling S.A.D? Don’t blame your emotions, blame this.


Winter is coming up! Bring on the boots, the scarves, the hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire!!

But as the winter season approaches, some of you may be feeling a bit down, right? The weather is colder, the sun is going down sooner, you’re feeling terrible because of all of those Starbucks holiday drinks (that’s an entirely different topic, by the way)…

Well, don’t blame it entirely on your emotions. You may have this condition called S.A.D.

I know. S.A.D.

Believe it or not, that’s an actual thing.

It’s Seasonal Affective Disorder and it can happen during any time of the season, although it seems to hit people during the winter the most. You may not even think you have it, since some of the symptoms just sound like something out of a regular bad day.

There are plenty of simple ways to get over these wintertime blues. In fact, I have 7 of them! I mean, you’re not going to look as happy as these people jumping head-first out of airplanes, but they’ll help lift your mood. I promise.

(How can Air Force members lip-syncing to Taylor Swift and jumping out of planes not make you smile, even just a little?)

  1. Let in some light: some sunshine and Vitamin D will help boost your mood and leave your body feeling refreshed. Wake up a bit earlier to maximize the amount of sun you’re receiving, or just don’t forget to venture outdoors for a bit each day.
  2. Catch those zzz’s: as with everything else, a good night’s sleep is essential to feel your best during the winter. Maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule increases the benefits of a good night’s sleep even more!
  3. Eat right: balance out your diet of winter-friendly (and high-carbohydrate) comfort foods with some complex carbs (barley, brown rice, etc.) Throw in some lean protein and leafy greens and you’ll have a meal that leaves you feeling great.
  4. Keep moving and stretching: I can’t recommend exercise enough! It boosts your mood by increasing levels of the chemical serotonin in your brain, and it helps your circulation to help your blood carry nutrients to the rest of your body. And the best part is that any type of exercise helps you! You don’t have to do any high-intensity activities to get the same benefits.
  5. Take the right vitamins: supplements like Vitamin D, multivitamins, and Omega 3 oil are essential to keeping your body in top shape.
  6. Spend some time outdoors: I know, it’s cold! But bundle up and spend a little bit of time outdoors so you can kill two birds with one stone: you can get some sunlight I mentioned in #1, and you can get some exercise in like I just mentioned above.
  7. Go natural: try some herbal teas or aromatherapy as a treat for yourself every once in awhile. The smell of citrus fruits especially helps boost your mood.

So there you have it! If you’re feeling a little down when the weather is chilly, it may be because you’re S.A.D. But refer back to this article and you’ll be feeling better in no time.


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