Your phone is actually ruining your posture


We all know texting can be dangerous.

I mean, this guy almost ran into a BEAR because he was distracted by his phone..

And don’t even get me started on texting and driving. It’s dangerous. It’s illegal. Don’t do it.

But texting may also be the culprit behind some strange back and neck pain you may be having…

According to this article, an average person spends almost 3 hours on his or her phone every single day. That’s 3 hours of your neck craning down, putting a ton of stress on your spine!

Check out this picture to see just what I’m talking about:


There’s some psychological effects as well. Holding this type of posture makes you look and feel less confident, unlike open “power” postures with your head held high and your chest open.

Luckily, we’re not doomed to be hunched over forever, and it’s definitely not permanent… if you act quickly. So how can you fix this?

The most obvious solution is to simply not let your tilt your head that far forward. Instead of looking down to see your phone, hold your phone up higher. Your eyes should be the ones looking down, not your entire head!

You could also try some yoga poses, like upward dog. Most yoga poses help to stretch out your spine and bend them in ways that counteract the forces you’ve been putting on them all day. The backward bend present in the upward dog pose provides a great balance to the forward bending you do when you hunch over to look at your phone.

Happy texting!

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