Health Inspiring is on a mission to share healthy content through social media networks in a way that actually lets it get discovered, instead of buried. This usually means making important stuff fun.


There are some incredible videos being made and articles being written that only 238 people will see. They are important messages about health in all of its various aspects. We intend to be an amplifier, a loud speaker, for these messages and others that serve to not just enlighten, but also entertain.

We’re not about taking sides in political debates or telling you what to do with GMO’s, African warlords, or chemicals in your soda.  We are trying to share information that will make you and those around you healthier and improve your quality of life.  It’s healthy individuals that build healthy communities that build healthy countries that create a healthy planet. You get the idea.


Health Inspiring is a small group of do-gooders with a sense of humor and an extended network of smarty pantses. We get contributions in the form of ideas and even articles and videos from health experts, advocates, doctors and others with a good message and information that will help you.


The folks that often have the most money to spend to spread their message often don’t have your best interests at heart.  We have a unique opportunity that has never been seen before in history- ever!  All we have to do is share stuff that we are proud to be sharing.  Sure, there’s a place for sharing yet another skateboarder fall down a flight of stairs, but there’s also a place (and a need) to share stuff that makes us better. We are making that place here.

So join us.  Together we’re strong and can make things better. That’s kind of the point, right?


Jill Moore
Editor in Chief