You Deserve It:

Here’s how we view your privacy. First we’ll give you a basic breakdown, and if you want the deep dive, it follows further below.

The super gist of it:

We hate spam as much as you do. We’re about health, and spam isn’t healthy, so we protect your privacy.

The gist of it:

If you’re a teenager or older you can freely roam around our site. If your younger, you should have a parent see if this content is okay for you.

In general we may get some anonymous data about your visit, like what pages you checked out. It makes it easier for us to give you what you like.
When we ask you to join our email list or like us on Facebook, and we hope you do, we will guard your info like crazy. The only stuff that’s public is the stuff you post yourself in the comments.
Sometimes we get excited about a group that’s doing good work. So excited that we think you might want to check them out too. It’s up to you if you’re into it and want to follow them or give them your email or other information.

The information we do collect is anonymous and we use it for things like analytics and understanding how you found us, like if was from desk or on your phone.  That helps us cater our site to be the best experience it can be for all of our fans.  P.S. if that makes you nervous at all, all you have to do is turn off your cookies in your browser settings and that’s that. Here are some ways to do that.

We don’t sell your info. That’s gross. If you like us, cool. Sign up. If you like the people we like, cool, sign up with them. If not, we’re still friends, and you can cruise around all you want. Privately. Anonymously. You can even dance around. We won’t tell anyone.

Other sites:

This site links to a bunch of amazing videos and posts all over the web.  That’s really cool.  The thing is, that once you leave here and head out into the wild world of the internet, we can no longer be responsible for what happens on other sites.  This includes what happens with your privacy on those sites if you decide to give your information to them.  We recommend you take a look at the privacy policy of any site you are considering giving your private information to.